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Czech Trios win at the Joseph Joachim Competition in Weimar

French Pianist Lorenzo Soulès wins the Orléans Piano Competition

American Winner at the Premio Jaén

Piano Spectacular in Barcelona

Winners of the 17th Lyon Intl. Chamber Music Competition

Kobe Flute Competition goes online

Winners Belgrade 2022

Two First Prizes in Belgrade

Double Grand Prix at Épinal

Outstanding Results in Pretoria

Omicron making life difficult for Jeju Brass Competition

The James Mottram concludes

A Celebration of the Viola


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Regional Meeting in Pretoria

Agenda February-July 2022

Agenda January- June 2022

Ian Fountain Portrait

Introducing: Ian Fountain

Introducing Bydgoszcz

Introducing: Agata Szpadzińska

WFIMC Regional Meeting in South Africa

WFIMC Agenda Dec 21- May 22

WFIMC Agenda Nov 21- Feb 22

Streaming Your Competition in China

Celebrating William Primrose

Professional Listener

Agenda October-December

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