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A Night to remember

The 2024 Queen Elisabeth Competition ends with a spectacular succession of violin finals


Time for Parma!

The WFIMC starts its 2024 General Assembly tomorrow, beginning with a two-day Marketing forum

Artists, Competitions

First Lady of the Trombone

Recently appointed professor in Berlin, Louise Pollock talks about her instrument, the recent competition in Markneukirchen, and some great new repertoire


UNISA appoints a new director

Thomas Pooley, director of the music department at the University of South Africa, has started working as new director of the UNISA Competition


Jaeden Izik-Dzurko is crowned Grand Prize Laureate in Montreal

CMIM announces the winners of its 2024 Piano Competition


French Horn and Violin laureates shine in Prague

Prague Spring international Music Competition announces its 2024 winners


World class music making

Oboe and Trombone categories at Markneukirchen show outstanding talents


A conversation with Tobias Richter

The President of the Concours Géza Anda talks about the legacy of his competition's namesake artist, the huge repertoire candidates have to master, and recent developments


WFIMC Café: Geoffrey John Davies

The Violin Channel´s founder and CEO talks about how one Youtube upload turned into the world´s leading classical music news platform


Welcome to Parma: now just eat!

Nowhere else in the world do people talk so much about what they eat, tell about it, discuss and argue about it, such as about the filling of anolini ...


World Class String Quartets in Lyon

On a rainy afternoon, three excellent quartets gathered at the Hotel de Ville of Lyon and offered the audience music from heaven.


Jooyeon Ka wins the 65th Premio Jaén

Great performers at Spain´s oldest piano competition


Piano Highlights at the Bosporus

Teppei Kuroda wins the Orchestra' Sion International Piano Competition in Istanbul


Kevin le Pennec wins the World Harp Competition

The World Harp Competition at Dutch Harp Festival in Utrecht held its 2024 edition

Artists, Insights

Grand Master of the Saxophone

Claude Delangle talks about the Andorra Sax Fest, his career as a saxophonist, and about the bright future of his instrument


High Spirits at the Andorra Sax Fest

Outstanding 11th Edition of the international Saxophone Competition


Heart and Soul of the Fritz Kreisler Competition

Michael Frischenschlager looks back at 45 years at a great Vienna institution


Clarinet Summit in Belgrade

The 2024 Jeunesses Musicales International Music Competition was held in the discipline of Clarinet


Remembering a Great Composer

Peter Eötvös, who passed away on 24 March 2024, was one of the most remarkable artists of his generation. In February 2020, WFIMC Secretary General Florian Riem spoke with him at his residence in Berlin.


Introducing: Chihiro Nishioka

New Manager at the Kobe International Flute Competition, Nishioka brings a host of experience from her work at major orchestras in Japan


Xiaolu Zang wins the 2024 Maria Canals

Great enthusiasm and high spirits at the Maria Canals international Piano Competition in Barcelona


Introducing: Ruben Jais

Meet the new Sovrintendente of the Toscanini Foundation in Parma- director of the Toscanini Orchestra, the Toscanini international Conducting Competition, and host of the 2024 General Assembly


Enchanting Parma!

In the north of Italy, between Milan and Bologna, Parma, host city of the 2024 WFIMC General Assembly, is a discreet town, but one that is not lacking in charm, with its colourful houses, narrow streets, cathedral, castles and, above all, its flavours.


Learning from the Professionals

Karsten Witt opens a new management academy in Berlin

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