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Yukine Kuroki wins Liszt Utrecht 2022!

Miracles at the Eva Marton Competition in Budapest

New voices at Debut Classical Competition

Winners of the Swedish Duo Competition

Conducting Highlights in Trondheim

2022 Winners Press Conference

Brass and Percussion Competition back as Festival Highlight

Percussion Trios in Luxemburg!

‘Franz Schubert and Modern Music’ competition

50th anniversary of the Santander Competition!

A Bach Spectacular in Leipzig

A host of winners at the Moniusko Competition

Cello Fever in Yerevan


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Indivisible by Four

Agenda October 2022 - April 2023

Hamamatsu: Save the date!

The Sydney is back LIVE

Agenda sept 2022 - march 2023

A Smiling Frogaroo

Agenda July 2022-February 2023

WFIMC 2023 General Assembly: Hamamatsu, Japan!

The Day Van Cliburn won

1919- Year of Destiny

Agenda June-December 2022

Celebrating Fritz Kreisler

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