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Enrico Scacciaglia wins the Berio Competition

Last 2022 Results: Winners of the Singapore Violin Competition

Tuba takes Center Stage

Turkish delights, French Style

Joaquin Rodrigo celebrated at CIPCE

Jaemin Han at the top of the Isang Yun Competition

The Glocal Piano Project, Vol. II!

Percussion Summit in Eindhoven

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Double Bill at the 2022 Long Thibaud

Mateusz Krzyżowski wins the Paderewski

The 2022 Azrieli Music Prizes

Sensational Final in Geneva


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Interview Sergey Belyavsky

Actions are more important than words

Dall Ongaro

"What would Luciano do?"

Hamamatsu Diary Vol. V: Sawayaka Sumiyaki

Agenda February-August 2023

Making the Case for Denationalisation

China Update

Illia Ovcharenko

Part of the Family

A Postcard from Salzburg

Hamamatsu Diary IV- Personalities

Agenda January-July 2023

Hamamatsu Diary III: Japlish & Engrish

WFIMC Agenda Dec 2022- Jun 2023

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