High Spirits at the Andorra Sax Fest

Outstanding 11th Edition of the international Saxophone Competition

Nestled high in the rugged mountains between France and Spain lies one of Europe’s smallest countries: Andorra. Popular also for its winter sports, hiking and luxury shopping, it is a beautiful place, boosting 12th-century churches and villages made entirely out of stone, snow-covered peaks, and a delicious local cuisine. While it feels impressively remote (forget about getting there with the convenience of a plane of train), Andorra is just a couple of hours drive between Toulouse in Southern France, and Barcelona in Spain’s northeast.
Since 2014, Andorra is also the home of the Andorra Sax Fest, an event that quickly managed to gain top reputation in the world of saxophone and today features an impressive lineup of competition, youth competition, festival, masterclasses and side events that bring artists from all over the world to perform, teach, or compete.

At the 11th edition of the Andorra Sax Fest/ Andorra International Saxophone Competition, 180 applications were received, of which 138 artists from 34 countries will compete. First Prize went to Russian Saxophonist Dmitry Pinchuk, who won First Prize (EUR 7.000) as well as a Selmer Paris Alto Saxophone Supreme, plus performances and an invitation to the Andorra Sax Fest 2025.


Dmitry Pinchuk

Dmitry Pinchuk, born 2005 in Moscow, is an 19-year-old saxophonist with an impressive list of accomplishments. Currently enrolled at the Moscow State College named after F. Chopin under the mentorship of Professor Nikita Zimin, Dmitry has established himself as a rising star in the world of music.
His journey began with a remarkable victory in 2017, when he clinched the Gold Medal in the prestigious international television competition The Nutcracker held in Moscow, Russia. 
Dmitry's talent continued to shine as he went on to win the 1st Prize at the IXth International Competition Deutschland in Lübeck in 2019, followed by the Grand Prix at the Berliner International Music Competition the same year.
In 2022, Dmitry emerged as the winner of the Andorra Sax Fest Youth competition, further solidifying his position as a top saxophonist. Notably, Dmitry has participated in the Andorra Sax Fest international competition four times, consistently improving his ranking each year. From being a semi-finalist in 2021 to clinching the 1st prize in 2024, Dmitry's dedication and talent have been evident at every stage of his journey.
In addition to these achievements, Dmitry has also claimed the 1st prize in the international woodwind competition Classic Winds in 2023. In the same year he won one of the most significant competitions for classical saxophonists is held every 4 years 8th Adolph Sax Competition in Dinant, Belgium, becoming the youngest winner in the history of the competition.
Dmitry's musical prowess transcends borders, and he actively tours, delighting audiences with his captivating performances in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, and Spain. 

Salvatore Alessandro Miceli

Vladimir Petskus

First Prize: Dmitry Pinchuk
Second Prize: Salvatore Alessandro Miceli
Third Prize: Vladimir Petskus
Fourth Prize: Koji Yamamoto
Fifth Prize: Javier Janeiro Sanchez
Sixth Prize: Zachary Costello

Alain Crepin, Albert Julià, Alexandre Doisy, Asya Fateyeva, Claude Delangle, Francisco Russillo, Joshua Hyde, Christophe Grèzes, Mariano García, Martin Trillaud, Nacho Gascón, Nikita Zimin, Tomás Jerez, Vincent David, Xavier Larsson, Xiaolu Zhang

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