Andorra becomes Saxophone Capital again

Andorra Sax Fest presented its 2022 Winners

Alongside a spectacular lineup of concerts at the Andorra Sax Fest and the ever popular „Walking Street Music", the 8th Edition of the Andorra International Saxophone Competition brought together artists and competitors from 24 different countries. There were 76 entries for the Solo Competition and another 30 for the Youth Solo Competition. Besides the competition, individual classes and coachings were offered with 18 prestigious teachers.
Despite the difficult situation and travel restrictions, the Andorra Sax Fest encouraged the participation of artists from all nationalities, including Russia.

Spectacular young artist: First Prize winner Giorgi Dzhishkariani (Georgia)

2022 Winners:

First Prize: Giorgi Dzhishkariani (Georgia)

Second Prize: Louis Hognon (France)

Third Prize: Alessandro Malagnino (Italy)

Fourth Prize: Dmitry Pinchuk (Russia)

Fifth Prize: Francisco José Sánchez (Spain)

Sixth Prize: Rémy Desbonnet (France)



Rob Buckland, Valentine Michaud, Asya Fateyeva, Makoto Hondo, Anna Puig, Arno Bornkamp, Mariano Garcia, Nacho Gascon, Claude Delangle, Vincent David, Nikita Zimin, Tomas Jerez