Zhuhai Mozart Competition stays online

Chinese Competition decides to stay with an online format in all categories and age groups

Established in 2015, the Zhuhai Mozart Competition is presented by the University of Mozarteum Salzburg and hosted in three age categories. The Competition not only focuses on young musicians’ virtuosity, but also attaches great importance to their understanding and interpretation of classical music style. The Salzburg Chamber Soloists, globally renowned for their specialization in Mozart’s works, is designated as the orchestra of the Competition.

This year, the competition has been held entirely online, meaning the competitors were not able to play for a live audience at all. While more competitions in the country are beginning to turn to this option, Zhuhai so far is the only one having presented a competition all the way to the end, entirely online.

Li Tianyou, winner of the Piano Category

Prizes/ Piano Category

First Prize: Li Tianyou (China)

Second Prize: Tian Hao (China)

Third Prize: Suah Ye (South Korea)


Pavel Gililov (Chair), Jiang Chen, Yoheved Kaplinsky, Marián Lapsansky, Jinsang Lee, Jacque Rouvier, Arie Vardi, Wei Dan Wen

Prizes/ Violin Category

First Prize: Lorenz Karls (Austria-Sweden)

Second Prize: Yeyeong Jin (South Korea)

Third Prize: Dongyoung Jake Shim (South Korea)


Paul Roczek (Chair), Pierre Amoyal, David Frühwirth, Hu Kun, Ida Kavafian, Alf-Richard Kraggerud, Dora Schwarzberg, Tong Weidong