Young Sun Choi wins the Rina Sala Gallo

Korean pianist Young Sun Choi won First Prize at the 26th Rina Sala Gallo Competition, the second prize went to Serbian artist Ivan Bašić, the third to South Korean Seunghyuk Na.

Young Sun Choi is a 26-year-old pianist from South Korea. A piano student from age six, Choi graduated from Yewon Arts School, then continued her musical studies at Seoul Arts High School under the tutelage of Jung Won Moon. Choi earned a national scholarship for the outstanding artists from the Korean government and graduated summa cum laude from Seoul National University with a degree in piano and musicology. She studied piano with Aviram Reichert and musicology with Hee Suk Oh and has won top prizes in several national and international competitions.

Founded in 1947 by by Monza born pianist Rina Sala Gallo and Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, the "Rina Sala Gallo" became a biennial competition in 1970 . Today it is one of the most prestigious and international musical events in the city of Monza and in Italy. In 2018 it celebrated its 25th edition.

The philanthropic spirit that animated the founders, Rina Sala Gallo and Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, is renewed with commitment and passion every year: to support young piano talents in a delicate phase of their career, so that they can undertake a concert career and see their dreams come true. 

Young Sun Choi performing

Serbian Pianist Ivan Bašić

First Prize: Young Sun Choi(29), China
Second Prize: Serbian Ivan Bašić (26), Serbia
Third Prize: Seunghyuk Na(25), South Korea

David Whelton (Chair), Vovka Ashkenazy, Riccardo Risaliti, Muriel Chemin, Massimiliano Ferrati, Daniele Petralia, Alvaro Teixeira Lopes

The Preselection Jury: 
Vovka Ashkenazy, Roberto Prosseda, Marco Vincenzi

Milan Symphony Orchestra/ Andrea Oddone (Conductor)