Winners of the Swedish Duo Competition

12 Duos / 24 musicians from 11 countries took part in the 2022 Swedish Duo Competition in Kathrineholm, Sörmland, Sweden. The duos this year were including violin, cello and clarinet with piano.

Held in three rounds over just two days, the Swedish Duo Competition has been held every two years since 2002, and for the first time after the pandemic began in 2019.




1st Prize:    Kyoko Ogawa, Violin (Japan) and Yui Harashima, Piano (Japan)
2nd Prize ex aequo: 
Andreas Siles-Mellinger, Violin (Germany) and Andras Moldovanyi, Piano (Hungary)
Zuzanna Sosnowska, Cello (Poland) and Magi Garcias, Piano (Spain)

Göran Malmgren (Chair), Sarah Falkebring, Dan Larsson, Elemér Lavotha, Bernt Lysell, Anna Paradiso, Carl Pontén