Winners of the ICM Competition, Pinerolo e Torino

Outstanding chamber ensembles win at the 2023 edition 


Great suspense at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatoire in Torino, with the concert hall packed out and the audience ready to applaud the winners of the final of the International Chamber Music Competition “Pinerolo e Torino Città Metropolitana”, the prestigious bi-annual chamber music competition in northern Italy. From 6 to 12 March, some of the most talented young musicians on the international music scene performed in Pinerolo and Turin. Music lovers of Turin took advantage of the free admission to an exciting final concert,  where the ensembles performing were competing for prizes totalling 23,000 euros,  filling the Conservatoire concert hall and transforming the final into a major cultural event. 

The jury of eminent musicians had admitted 5 ensembles to the final due the exceptionally high level of the competitors. It selected the finalists from the over 125 musicians who entered the competition, performing in 50 chamber music ensembles (under 33) from 18 countries all over the world 

AKA Duo- First Prize

Peter Paul Kainrath, President of the WFIMC

The auditorium in Torino.

First Prize: AKA Duo
Second Prize: Trio Orelon
Third Prize: Werther Quartet
Claus-Christian Schuster (Chair), Lukas Hagen, Gabriele Mirabassi, Liisa Randalu, Miklós Perényi, Marco Zuccarini, Joel Hoffman, Klauss Kaufmann (first round)

“The International Chamber Music Competition – Pinerolo e Torino Città Metropolitana, has many features that make it unique among music competitions in Italy. It is recognized by the World Federation of International Music Competitions in Geneva, and for Turin, over the years, it has become an important and prestigious cultural event that puts the city and its surrounding area centre stage on the international music scene. This event enables the Accademia di Musica of Pinerolo to discover, encourage, and support the careers of young talents in the field of music, while we, the City Council of Torino, remain firmly committed to maintaining our collaboration with the school, renewing again this year our memorandum of understanding. Now that the restrictions imposed by the pandemic emergency seem to be well behind us, Turin is proud to once again be able to host the final round of the competition in the splendid setting of the “Giuseppe Verdi” auditorium at the Turin Conservatoire. It makes us very happy to be able to give these talented young people the exciting opportunity to perform in public in a concert hall that is so rich in history and culture and that occupies an undisputed place in the history of classical music in our city”.
Stefano Lo Russo
Mayor of Torino e della Città Metropolitana

“The competition is another opportunity for Pinerolo to open its doors to the world. And what the world brings to Pinerolo in terms of music and creativity, enriches our city, a city with a long history but also intent on developing projects for life today. From this music and the values it conveys, we can learn how to listen, how to work diligently, how to make our individual voices harmonize with those of others. The Pinerolo City Council would therefore like to thank the teachers of the Accademia, the school management, its sponsors, and the audiences that for years have responded enthusiastically to the musical events it has offered the community”.
Luca Salvai
Mayor of Pinerolo

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