5-7 June 2024: Hosted by Fondazione Arturo Toscanini, WFIMC will hold its first International Marketing Conference

The music world is a dynamic landscape shaped by frequent changes and new challenges across various fronts. Technologies revolutionize composition, production, and distribution, altering the very nature of musical creation and consumption. Streaming platforms dominate the market, requiring artists to navigate algorithms and SEO strategies to gain visibility. AI advancements offer both opportunities and concerns, from enhancing music production to potential job displacement. Market presence becomes a multifaceted endeavor, encompassing online engagement, social media outreach, and live performances tailored to diverse audiences.

In music competitions, traditional standards evolve alongside emerging genres, demanding changes from contestants and organizers alike. At this first WFIMC Marketing Forum, we will offer opportunities to explore these changes, discuss strategies and formulate new ideas.

The 2024 WFIMC Marketing Forum will precede the 68th General Assembly of the World Federation. It is dedicated to marketeers from our member competitions, but is open to all marketing professionals and music managers from around the world. We invite you to take part in this conference while enjoying the sights, sounds and amazing foods of the UNESCO Creative City of Parma, Italy!

Registrations are open from March 1, while more conference details and speakers will be published on April 1.


Preliminary Conference Schedule

Wednesday, 5 June 2024

16:00                    Registration & Networking              Foyer Pizzetti 
17:00Welcome by President and Secretary General                                  Sala Pizzetti
 Keynote: New Classical Music PlatformsSala Pizzetti
17:30Panel: Creating ContentSala Pizzetti
19:00                     Welcome Reception.                                                                          Foyer Pizzetti

Thursday, 6 June 2024

08:30-09:00            Registration & NetworkingFoyer Pizzetti 
09:00Presentation: Search Engine Optimization and targeted advertisingSala Pizzetti
09:20-10:30Panel: Building an AudienceSala Pizzetti
11:00Keynote: Social Media in the making: What´s newSala Pizzetti
11:20-12:30Panel: Webcasts, Streaming & Social MediaSala Pizzetti
14:30-15:30Speaker: Artifical Intelligence tools- an overviewSala Pizzetti
15:30-16:30Panel: Sustainable Marketing- best PracticesSala Pizzetti
17:00-18:00Panel: Crisis Management 101Sala Pizzetti
19:00Official Welcome Reception by the Mayor of Parmatba
21:00Concert: Filarmonia ToscaniniSala Paganini

Friday, 7 June 2024

09:00-10:00             Panel: Your Call for Applications                                                   Sala Pizzetti 
10:30-11:30Panel: Award Ceremonies around the world   Sala Pizzetti
11:30-12:00Dialogue: Q&A, Conference wrapupSala Pizzetti

Venue: Fondazione Arturo Toscanini/ Paganini Congressi
            Viale Barilla 27/A, 43121 Parma

Hotels: Grand Hotel de la Ville, Viale Riccardo Barilla, 1 - 43121 Parma - www.grandhoteldelaville.com
            Hotel Palace Maria Luigia, Viale Mentana 140, 43121 Parma - www.sinahotels.com
            The old town of Parma has many smaller hotels at lower rates many of which are available on www.booking.com

Fees:    Attendance at the conference is free of charge for directors and staff of all WFIMC regular members and associate members.
            For non-members, a conference fee of EUR 200 will be charged for attendance of any of the events mentioned above.

Info:     Please contact the WFIMC Secretariat at fmcimatfmcim.org (fmcim[at]fmcim[dot]org) for any questions you may have.

Registration: Registration begins on March 1.