Stormy Weather and Thunderous Applause in Jeju


The Jeju international Brass Competition in South Korea celebrates its 2023 Edition with a huge festival



Despite an approaching Typhoon, the Jeju international Brass Competition took place alongside its annual Wind Ensemble Festival, turning the island in a large festival altogether. If there were worrying news reports about rising political tensions in East Asia, they were not noticed on this famous Korean island, and Koreans, Chinese and Japanese along with many other artists from overseas actively performed together and shared new friendships.

Held since 2000, the Brass Competition features bass trombone, tuba, euphonium and percussion in even years; odd years competitions present trumpet, horn, tenor trombone and brass Quintet.

With four categories each year, the competition is truly unique and and has become a singularly famous place for brass players from around the world.






Winners of the Horn Category

Trumpet winners

Winners of the Trombone Category

Winners of the Brass Quintet section


First Prize        Zhicheng Jin
Second Prize    Jingxuan Yang
Third Prize    Minsoung Kang

First Prize     Kim Junyoung
Second Prize    Zhengxu Ji
Third Prize    Xunji Yang

First Prize     Julien Hategan
Second Prize    Yongsoo Yoon
Third Prize    Nicolas Cunin

Brass Quintet
First Prize     Ventus Brass Quintet    
Second Prize    KOR Brass Quintet
Third Prize    Knua Brass Quintet

Horn: André Cazalet, Frank Lloyd, Gu Cong, Lee DongGon, Luca Benucci, Peter Kurau, Tomasz Binkowski
Trumpet: Alexander Freund, Bae JaeHyuk, Eric Aubier, Giuliano Sommerhalder, Jens Lindemann, Jose Sibaja, Yeh Shu Han
Tenor Trombone: Alberto Urrecho, David Rey, Jacques Mauger, Liu Yang, Park Hong Bae, Pierre Volders, Scott Hartman
Brass Quintet: David Rey, Frank Lloyd, Jang Jun Hwa, Jens Lindemann, Pierre Volders, Scot Hartman, Yeh Shu Han


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