Piano Spectacular at the Gian Battista Viotti Competition

Published Votes add new transparency

With an interpretation of the famous 'Rach3', which garnered an endless applause from the public and as many as three 100-votes of the jurors, the 28-year-old pianist Dominic Chamot won the 73rd edition of the Viotti international Piano Competition. To the young pianistic talent went the First Prize of the Municipality of Vercelli, named after the lawyer Eusebio Ferraris and awarded by Viotti Mayor Andrea Corsaro; the prize of the public, dedicated to Professor Alessandro Malinverni; and the prize 'Sorelle Garino' by Fontanetto Po. 

Second Prize went to pianist Valère Burnon, 26 years old: he too, in the final, presented Sergei Rachmaninov's Concerto No. 3 in A minor. Third Prize was won by the 32-year-old Giuseppe Guarrera, the first local winner after 21 years, performing Liszt's Concerto No. 1. Presided over by maestro Pietro Borgonovo, the jury gave an almost unanimous verdict, decreeing Chamot's victory with the stratospheric average of 97.14 points out of 100. 



Dominic Chamot, 1st prize winner

1st Prize: Dominic Chamot (28), Cologne
2nd Prize:  Valère Burnon (25), Marche-en-Famenne 
3rd Prize: Giuseppe Guarrera (32), Berlin

Pietro Borgonovo, Jun Kanno, Boris Petrushansky, Orazio Sciortino, Rena Shereshevskaya, Giorgia Tomassi, Florian Wiek

Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano/ Francesco Ommassini (Conductor)

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