Intense Piano week in Seregno

No First Prize awarded at this year's competition

The Final of the 33rd Ettore Pozzoli Competition took place at the San Rocco Theater in Seregno, Italy. At the end of an intense week of music and a very emotional Final night, where the finalists played with the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano under the baton of Andrea Oddone, the jury gave numerous special prizes but decided not to give the First Prize. Instead, both Vladimir Skomorokhov, who played the Schumann Concerto, and Riito Shimata, with Rachmaninov Concerto No. 2,  received the Second Prize; Zixi Chen played Rachmaninov´s third concerto and won Third Prize.

Riito Shimata, 2nd Prize ex-aequo

Vladimir Skomorokhov, 2nd Prize ex-aequo

Zixi Chen, 3rd Prize

Zixi Chen

Vladimir Skomorokhov

Riito Shimata


1st Prize: Not given

2nd Prize: Vladimir Skomorokhov (24), Riito Shimata

3rd Prize: Zixi Chen (21)

Jury: Emanuele Arciuli (Chair), Sa Chen, Katherine Chi, Alessandro Deljavan, Sofya Gulyak, Alexander Korsantia, Alexei Volodin

Artists: Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano / Andrea Oddone (Conductor)


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