Hamamatsu: Save the date!

GA 2023 Dates have been decided


Following the General Assembly in Bydgoszcz, Poland, this past June, the organisers  in Japan and the WFIMC Secretariat decided on the dates for the 2023 General Assembly in Hamamatsu: the conference will be held from 1st to 4th June, 2023. Elements of the original pre-pandemic plan for Hamamatsu will remain on the agenda along with new topics and speakers, and a special excursion to Kyoto will be offered for those interested after the regular conference dates. Details will be made public later this year.

Japan is not currently open to tourists, and at the moment visas are required for all visitors. The country has announced further relaxation of its stringent covid rules, and this month will likely see new regulations and a more flexible entry policy. However, as this General Assembly had been postponed already once and many members are wary of changing conditions throughout the pandemic, the organizers in Hamamatsu have confirmed that it will provide business visa for all participants should a visa still be required for visitors in 2023. More information regarding procedures and applications will be forthcoming.