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Seki Tomotaka studied with Kenji Kobayashi, Asako Urushihara and Michiko Kamiya. After graduating from the Tokyo College of Music High School as an Honorary Scholarship Student, he currently continues his study at the Tokyo College of Music as an Honorary Scholarship Student under the tutelage of Koichiro Harada and Mayuko Kamio. In 2018, he has been awarded first prize at the Tokyo Music Competition, and subsequently given engagements to perform concertos and recitals throughout Japan. He has performed with various orchestras including Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and has given recitals in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and other cities. He has been very active with his ensemble, the Cercatore Quartet, performing various types of chamber music both with his quartet and members of the NHK Symphony Orchestra. He also currently performs with this orchestra as its academy student.