Budapest - Bartók World Competition

The competition founded by the Liszt Academy Budapest in 2017 covers the most important fields of Bartók’s oeuvre, that is piano, violin and string quartets. The competition is held in six-year cycles: first, in 2017, it was for violinists, the pianists followed two years later, the year 2021 was devoted to string quartets, in 2023 it was the violinists’ turn again and so on. Composers compete in the intervening even years by submitting works intended for the next year’s instrumental round.



Gala Concert and Prize Ceremony

Incorporating a composers’ competition between the instrumental rounds encourages young composers to create new pieces influenced by the spirit of Bartók, which contributes to keep Bartók’s work alive beyond the simple reproduction of his works on stage.

In 2024 composers will have to submit solo piano pieces, the winner compositions will be performed at a Gala concert at the Liszt Academy.


Bartók World Competition Secretariat
Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music

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