Ștefan Aprodu

Nationality Romania

More information

Violinist Ștefan Aprodu studies at the Dinu Lipatti High School of Arts in Bucharest, with teacher Magdalena Ursu. He has performed with several symphony orchestras and conductors (concert Ad Honorem Ivry Gitlis with David Stern at the console; Gabriel Bebeșelea - Junior Orchestra; Sabin Păuța - Camerata Regală, Yasuo Minami - Takasaki Youth Orchestra, Japan).

He was awarded 1st prize at the Vasco Abadjiev International Violin Competition in Sofia, Bulgaria, and his record also includes a number of international prizes (Remember Enescu Bucharest International Competition - 1st prize, Muse International Music Competition - 1st prize, Erich Bergel & Dorothy Kitchen International Violin Competition - Grand Prize, Lira de Aur Suceava - Grand Prize, The North International Competition - 1st prize, The Violin Doc International Competition - Grand Prize, George Manoliu Master of Strings - Grand Prize).

He is also a passionate young composer, and since 2020 has been participating in the online composition course taught by Dåsele Vådår Sevaidå at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. One of his compositions - Concerto No. 3 for violin and orchestra in E minor - will be performed this autumn with Stefan as soloist.

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