Bucharest - George Enescu International Competition

The Competition acts as an international launching platform for future outstanding musicians, as well as for promoting George Enescu’s work among the new generation of artists worldwide.

The George Enescu International Competition, one of the most important international launching platforms for young musicians around the world, is built as a natural extension of the George Enescu Festival – the most prestigious cultural event organized in Romania. 
The operating model of the competition is inspired by the life model of the artist whose name it bears. The George Enescu International Competition supports and promotes young talents from all over the world, just as the great composer supported young musicians during his life.


As the Honorary Director of the Romanian Musical Association, George Enescu made substantial donations to pay for musicians’ scholarships. In 1912 he took a tour through Romania and raised over a thousand sterling pounds – a huge amount of money at that time – to launch a national composition award.


Cristina Uruc
Calea Victoriei 155 Bl D1, sc8 et.2
10073 Bucharest

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