J J Jun Li Bui

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Nationality Canada

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Born on 10 June 2004. He is studying at the Oberlin Conservatory with Dang Thai Son and is a prizewinner of the Hanoi (2018), Aarhus (2017), and Midwest International (2016) piano competitions, as well as competitions for young pianists: the Beijing Chopin Competition (2019) and Van Cliburn (2019). He performed with the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra, Milton Philharmonic, Academy Chamber Orchestra of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Kindred Spirits Orchestra, Greater Toronto Philharmonic, Hanoi Philharmonic, Symphony Orchestra of the China Central Conservatory of Music, and China Guiyang Symphony Orchestra. In a trio with Vivian Kukiel (violin) and Matthew Christakos (cello), he has won national competitions and performed on many special occasions, including the 10th ‘Royal Occasion’ at the Koerner Hall in Toronto.