Duo Domo

Nationality Hungary

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Domonkos Hartmann, Cello/ Domonkos Csabay, Piano (Hungary)

The two musicians met in 2019, having been specially selected by Philharmonia Budapest to perform a series of chamber recitals. This had involved a ‘journey home’ for both : Hungary’s rich musical traditions as their background, both artists went on building an international carreer, and are now emerging as successfull performers in different countries. Still, trained by iconic professors at the renowned Liszt Academy, shared principles in their education, taste and musical way of thinking, as well as their mutually keen commitment towards chamber music, led Domonkos & Domonkos to collaborate.

  Despite their fairly short history as an ensemble, the duo have covered a wide range of repertoire, performing in numerous chamber music festivals and concerts. Besides programming some substantial works of the romantic sonata literature and contemporary curiosities, they have also experimented with masterpieces for trio sharing stage with distinguished artists such as Anett Jóföldi, member of the Budapest Festival Orchestra or Éva Osztrosits, award-winning member of the Korossy String Quartet.