Lyon - Lyon International Chamber Music Competition

Lyon international chamber music competition is successively dedicated to the main chamber music ensemble : Piano Trio, Violin and piano duo, Voice and piano duo, Cello and piano duo, Woodwind quintet, String quartet.

The competition holds in the main halls of Lyon : Opéra, Molière Hall, Conservatory, Auditorium, etc. A large audience assists to the event. The competition is broadcast on, Classic@Home and on France Musique Radio.

Final round is a great opportunity to collaborate with other musicians or orchestra such as : Lyon national orchestra for Beethoven Triple concerto, Soloists of Lyon opera orchestra for Berlioz Nuits d'été, Zaïde Quartet for Chausson's Grand Concert, etc. About 25.000 € are awarded, completed by many concert opportunities : Palazzetto Bru Zane, Festival Berlioz de la Côte Saint André, Prieuré de Chirens, etc.

The famous institution La Belle Saison offers artist residencies, concerts and open its large musican network, like Bouffes du Nord or Gerberoy, for example. Bullkian foundation provides EPK and funding for concerts in Lyon area.

A few famous laureates : Hermès Quartet, Messiaen Trio, Duo Moine ou Voyou (Tamara Bounazou soprano and Anna Giorgi, piano) , Duo Contraste (Cyrille Dubois, tenor and Tristan Raës pianist), Van Baerle Trio, Hanson Quartet, Duo Urba (Marius Urba, cello and Vita Kan piano), Ouranos ensemble, etc.


11 place Tobie Robatel
69001 Lyon

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Vita Kan, piano, Marius Urba, cello - 1st Prize 2016 /
photo Charlotte Peron

Diana Tishchenko & Joachim Carr / photo Karol Miczka

Duo Komorebi / photo Matteo Gueril

Ouranos Ensemble, 1st Prize 2017 / photo Augusta Sarlin

Guillaume Chilemme / photo Karol Miczka

Hagar Sharvit & Daniel Gerzenberg / photo Matteo Gueril

Raphael Jouan, cello - Trio Helios 2016 / photo Mathilde Leconte

David Petrlik, violin - Theo Fouchenneret, piano - Trio Messiaen, 1st Prize 2018 / photo Mathilde Leconte

Trio Helios / photo Mathilde Leconte

Trio Mosa & Bernhard Kontarsky / photo Mathilde Leconte

You Eun Sol - Quatuor Abel / photo Karol Miczka

Yumiko Tanimura, soprano - Jonas Vitaud, piano, 1st Prize 2006 / photo Frederic Jean

Opera CIMCL 2015 / photo Rafal Szkudlarek