20 Apr: Keys to Success- Jean Guihen Queyras

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Hungarian composer Béla Bartók once said that “Competitions are for horses”. Perhaps he said this jokingly or perhaps he was serious. However, it certainly takes a long time to prepare for a competition, and not winning a prize can represent a significant setback early on in an artist’s career. Competitions have the ability to generate an incredible momentum for a musician and to open important new doors. 

To perform at an international competition is to learn about yourself. You discover how far you can go, how your talent compares to other musicians, whether or not you thrive in moments of pressure, and if you can overcome any artistic, physical, or emotional challenges in the process. 

In this monthly Artist Talk series, WFIMC Secretary General Florian Riem speaks with young artists who have recently won international competitions, as well as acclaimed artists with flourishing careers. They will explore the unique significance of competitions, and offer insight into success stories and lessons that can be learned through both difficulties and triumphs. In this episode: cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras.