Vienna - "Fritz Kreisler" International Violin Competition

THE INTERNATIONAL FRITZ KREISLER SOCIETY has organized since 1979, generally every four years in Vienna at the Musikverein or Konzerthaus the INTERNATIONAL FRITZ KREISLER COMPETITION (Member of the Fédération Mondiale des Concours Internationaux de Musique, Geneva).

In organising Austria’s most important international violin competition, the Fritz Kreisler Society makes a significant contribution to supporting the future generation of top violinists and to preserving the musical and humanitarian heritage of the Austrian violin virtuoso and composer, Fritz Kreisler.

Recently, the Fritz Kreisler Society was restructured and set a goalof making the VIII Competition 2014 even more attractive and, in cooperation with existing as well as new funders and sponsors, to once again host a first class musical cultural event.

Furthermore, the Fritz Kreisler Society plans, with the help of funders and sponsors, to undertake the financial support of young, promising violinists studying in Austria (Talent-Scholarship funds), the organization of international master classes to support the next generation of top violin soloists as well as advanced courses for teachers (young violin pedagogues) in Austria, the scientific research, events in the intervening years between the competitions for funders and sponsors to support and present the prize winners of the competition and to commemorate the musical legacy of Fritz Kreisler.


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