Trondheim - Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition and Academy

Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition & Academy focus especially on advanced student ensembles and young professional ensembles, and is open for chamber ensembles from all over the world.


2021 competition for String Quartets

Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition is arranged every second year, alternately for string quartets and piano trios.

In the years between competitions there is Academy for the same kind of ensembles as in next year’s competition. This “springboard model” spans a three year period and is built up with the following progression:

1st year: Trondheim International Chamber Music Academy – TICC Academy

2nd year: Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition – TICC

3rd year: Concert engagements as part of the competition prizes

The Academy offers a unique opportunity to its young musicians with a combination of Master classes in the ensembles’ chosen repertoire; Chamber music together with the instructors (including piano quartets/quintets, string quintets and other).

The Academy is held during the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, and the ensembles have free entry to the festival’s concerts. In addition to offering instruction of top international standard, TICC Academy wishes to serve as a springboard for the ensembles’ further career. One or more ensembles will be selected by the instructors to directly qualify for the next year’s Competition.

We hope that the competition can be an inspiration for young chamber music ensembles. With attractive prizes, both cash prizes and festival engagements, we also hope that the competition will act as a springboard to the ensembles careers.

The Competition and Academy are always arranged during Trondheim Chamber Music Festival. The Trondheim Chamber Music Festival has, since its inception in 1996, had young musicians as its main profile. In 2000, the festival took a step further in inspiring young musicians to perform chamber music on a high level by arranging the 1st TICC.

Since its inauguration, TICC has earned an international reputation which is reflected in the growing number of international applicants each year. The competitors/academy participants have free entry to the festival’s concerts.


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