Porcia - International Competition "Città di Porcia"

The organization of the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION “CITTA’ DI PORCIA”, which arrived at 32nd edition, is the boast and the pride of the Association Amici della Musica. 
The Competition “Città di Porcia” is the only specific appointment for the brass instruments organized in Italy and it is one of the most important in the world.
There are few contests just for the brass (horn, trumpet, trombone and tuba) all over the world. It was created as a means to increase the value of the wind instruments and its aim is the comparison between musicians coming from different schools and musical traditions.

Established in 1990 by the Association Amici della Musica “Salvador Gandino”, the competition is held annually in Porcia, situated in northeastern Italy. It aims at promoting classical brass music and is operating on a four-year round basis focusing on one category each year: trombone, tuba, horn or trumpet. Brass players under the age of 30 can participate and perform a wide ranging repertoire from solo pieces to concerti accompanied by piano or orchestra.

Experienced musicians and scholars are invited as jury members. Previous jurors include Michel Becquet, Gail Williams and Barry Tuckwell. Former prize winners include Francisco Flores, Clément Saunier, David Guerrier, Frédéric Mellardi and Andrea Dell’Ira.



Giampaolo Doro
Villa Correr Dolfin
Via Correr 69
33080 Porcia

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Igor Martinez (Venezuela) Third Prize; Florian Wielgosik (France) First Prize and Audience Prize; Artistic Director Giampaolo Doro; Martin Cornwell (France) Second Prize and Youth Jury Prize

Lopez Morales Jhon Kevin (Columbia) – Third Prize;
Santos Freitas Da Silva Felipe (Brazil) – First Prize;
Mattioli Francesco (Italy) – Second Prize and Audience Prize

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