Pearl River Piano

Pearl River Piano Group Co., Ltd. (Pearl River Piano for short) which was founded in 1956, is the first comprehensive musical instrument culture enterprise achieved A-share overall listing and the leading enterprise in the musical instrument industry in China.

After more than 60 years of innovative development, Pearl River Piano has internationally leading product innovation capability and global scale piano production and marketing capability. Pearl River Piano is the only enterprise that has a national enterprise technology center in the industry. Pearl River Piano is the main drafting unit of national and industrial standards for piano products and components, piano manufacturing skills standards and training materials, and the global leader in piano manufacturing.

At present, the Pearl River Piano has formed an operation pattern of coordinated development of three business segments with piano, digital musical instrument and cultural industry. Pearl River Piano has six piano manufacturing bases in Guangzhou, Foshan, Beijing, Zhejiang, Germany and Poland. Pearl River Piano’s domestic market share is more than 40%, the global market share is more than 30%, and production and sales volume have ranked first in the world for more than 20 consecutive years. Pearl River Piano won multiple honors such as "The Landmark Award and Merit Award  from American National Association of Music Merchants(NAMM)""First Batch of Manufacturing Single Champion Demonstration Enterprises", "National Cultural Export Key Enterprise", "Top 10 Enterprises in China's Light Industry Musical Instrument Industry" (Top 1), and "Top 10 Technology Enterprises" in China's musical instrument industry.

For more than 60 years, Pearl River Piano has provided pianos, digital pianos, guitars, violins and other musical instrument products and services that are deeply loved by consumers, and has become a world famous Chinese national brand.


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38, Xiang Shan Avenue, Yong Ning Road, Zengcheng

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