Igersheim - Classical Singing Competition DEBUT

DEBUT is an international Classical Singing Competition, which supports young opera singers embarking on their career. The contest is open to the following voice types: soprano, mezzo-soprano & alto, tenor, countertenor and baritone & bass. It gives young soloists an opportunity to appear in a competition with a strong international profile in the presence of a distinguished judging panel. The event is held every second year in Weikersheim, which following a three-month entry phase serve as the venue for the preliminary rounds and the competition.



Competition 2024

This competition would like to have an important placement in the Competition world of Young singers. Debut is a Competition which has a bride spectrum of special ways of preparation of young singers in the Music world.

The Young singers have optimal opportunities to take part in our competiton, because we can use the location of Jeunesses Musicales Academy at the Castle of Weikersheim. They are completely supplied with food and lodging.


Edith Wittenstein
Walter-Wittensteinstr. 1
97999 Igersheim

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