Hannover - Joseph Joachim Violin Competition

The Joseph Joachim Violin Competition Hannover was founded in 1991 by Stiftung Niedersachsen. The competition was initiated by Krzysztof Wegrzyn, its former and long-standing artistic director, and has been taking place every three years. After ten successful renditions, the artistic directorship was passed into the capable hands of Antje Weithaas and Oliver Wille.


Competition 2024

The competition supports exceptionally gifted young violinists as they make their way to success on the international concert stage. We are seeking inquisitive minds who demonstrate an impeccable command of their instrument while remaining humble servants of great composers and their scores – young artists who bravely strive for individuality, making bold musical statements with the violin: Musicians whose voice inspires deep emotions and shows an exceptional degree of versatility. 

The demands young musicians face are in a constant state of flux – today more than at any other time before. The JJV offers them a chance to meet these demands under ideal conditions. With a demanding repertory and highly skilled artistic partners, participants present themselves to the audience, the jury, and internationally renowned concert organizers in a total of five rounds. Two eventful weeks in Hanover will yield lots of practical experience, new artistic perspectives and, ultimately, lots of support – both financially and non-monetary.

The competition is renowned for its unique combination of the highest demands and a warm, personal atmosphere. Relationships between participants and their caring host families often last many years and ensure that participants will experience Hanover as their home away from home. Semi-finalists will be given a chance to perform concerts throughout the State of Lower Saxony, while innovative education programs will get young musicians from the region actively involved in the competition happenings. In the spirit of Joseph Joachim, whom the competition was named after, the JJV transforms Hanover, a UNESCO City of Music, into an international stage. Every three years, the city becomes a meeting place for exceptional musical encounters centered around young violinists between tradition, present day and future. 


Stiftung Niedersachsen Künstlerhaus
Sophienstrasse 2
30159 Hannover

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Maria Ioudenitch, 1st prize, 2021 ©️Helge Krueckeberg

Timothy Chooi, 1st prize, 2018 ©️Helge Krueckeberg

Sergey Dogadin, 1st prize, 2015 

Dami Kim, 1st prize, 2012 

Alexandra Conunova, 1st prize, 2012 

Fumiaki Miura, 1st prize, 2009 

Suyoen Kim, 1st prize, 2006

Nemanja Radulovic, 1st prize, 2003

Frank Huang, 1st prize, 2000

Michiko Kamiya, 1st prize, 1997

Robert Chen, 1st prize, 1994

Antje Weithaas, 1st prize, 1991 ©️Giorgia Bertazzi