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The Hailun Piano Company is a Chinese-owned piano manufacturer that has set the standard for high quality piano manufacturing across the Far East. Owned by Mr and Mrs Hailun Chen, the couple met at the Piano Technology School in Beijing where their love for pianos and each other culminated in them setting up the company.

After forging relationships with Peter Veletzky, a renowned piano builder from Austria, the know-how to build world class pianos was transferred to Hailun Pianos and they are now one of the most technologically advanced piano companies on the planet.

With over 20 years of piano manufacturing experience behind them, Hailun Pianos reputation for excellence and high quality craftsmanship is well known in the industry.

Through building key relationships with renowned piano designers, engineers and sound specialists, Hailun Pianos are now at the forefront of innovation and design in the industry and their reputation is now extending worldwide.

Hailun have been creating affordable excellence in the piano business for over 20 years. Mr and Mrs Hailun met at the Piano Technology School in Beijing, falling in love with not only the piano but with each other.

A true family business, Hailun have built a reputation for precision and reliability among their customers. Combining their expertise with that of Mr Veletzky, a piano builder from Vienna, the business has grown to be one of the giants of Eastern piano production. During this time, Hailun has teamed up with piano designers from around the world, including: George Emerson, Zlatkovic Sibin and Ema Shigeru.

They have also worked with Stephen Paulello, the French scale designer to ensure both the cabinetry and internal works of their instruments rival those made in the long established European market. Although not yet one of the known giants of the piano industry, Hailun provide perfect instruments for any musician looking to buy a superb piano at an incredibly reasonable price.


Hailun Piano
36# longtanshan Road
Ningbo Zhejiang

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