Evergreen Symphony Orchestra

Evergreen Symphony Orchestra (ESO), established by Evergreen Group Chairman Dr. Yung-fa Chang in 2001, is an orchestra full of energy, team spirit, discipline and professionalism. Mo. Gernot Schmalfuss was appointed to be Music Director & Chief Conductor since 2007. To date, the ESO bases in Taipei, Taiwan, it has held exceeding 1,000 performances at home and abroad including Asia, Europe, the US, Australia and the mainland China featuring music genres of classic music, crossover music and pop music, etc.

Affiliated with Chang Yung-fa Foundation, ESO holds regular music season performances at concert halls, as well as gives and participates charity concerts in schools in remote and isolated areas, medical institutions and prisons, hoping with beautiful melodies to purify and calm one’s souls. Furthermore, ESO also arranges special programs featuring classic music, folk music and noted films soundtracks to promote the beauty sound of symphonic music.


Peter Chang
Evergreen Symphony Orchestra
9f, No 11, Zhongshan S. Rd
Taipei City, 10048

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