Budapest - International Eva Marton Singing Competition

“Teaching is a calling for me. I have never done anything that I didn’t put my heart and soul into. Teaching has essentially been a second career for me. I always advise my students to listen to more music, become familiar with opera literature and remember that a solid future can only be built on traditions”

Éva Marton

As proof of her commitment to education, the Éva Marton International Singing competition became an unmissable opportunity and door onto the international opera scene, a professional organization and a legendary venue, the Liszt Academy.

Usually more than 100 contestants from five continents submit entries for the competition every year, and about 70 are selected to participate in the live rounds.

World-known members of the jury like Anatoli Goussev or Miguel Lerín are looking for the sort of artists who seem to be capable of realizing what Éva Marton achieved, whose career is founded on an incredible level of hard work and much learning. 


Beata Schanda
Liszt Ferenc ter 8

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