Budapest - Budapest International Music Competitions

It is most likely that we shall never know how Franz Liszt played the piano. According to his contemporaries no one could follow in his footsteps. What is certain is that his personality, unique technique and compositional skills continue to be influential.

Budapest - Budapest International Music Competitions

It is not surprising that the Academy of Music launched the first Franz Liszt International Piano Competition in 1933, led by Ernő Dohnányi, with similar talents to those of Liszt’s. The winner of the first competition was Annie Fischer, one of Dohnányi’s students.

The tradition, together with the genius of Liszt is binding, therefore the Franz Liszt International Piano Competition is one of the most prestigious Hungarian and international events. 

Hosted by the Liszt Academy of Music and with some of the most famous piano players of the world on the jury, the competition will provide an unforgettable experience for musicians and audience alike. 


Viktoria Vildanger
Pava u. 10-12

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