Belgrade - International Jeunesses Musicales Competition

Since 1971. International Jeunesses Musicales Competition is annually held in Belgrade.

The Competition is dedicated to young music artists at very start of their professional career. In front of the authoritative international jury the competitors show their artistic skills, level of creativity, technical ability…

The Competition has been held for more than four decades in various solo and chamber disciplines and it was attended by about 2,000 soloists and over 200 chamber ensembles. Participants came from all continents, and from over 70 countries worldwide.



Throughout the years, the winners of the Competition have proved themselves as skilled musicians and performed at the most important concert stages and opera scenes.

International Jeunesses Musicales Competition Belgrade has a status of the project of great importance as part of the Jeunesses Musicales International Federation (based in Brussels).

Since 1974, IJMC Belgrade is member of World Federation of Music Competitions (based in Geneva) which brings together the world’s largest competitions


Tatjana Vojnov
Terazije 26/2
11000 Belgrade

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