Bamberg - The Mahler Competition

The competition takes place in a city which offers an ideal mix of 1,000 years of history, world heritage, entertainment and natural environment.

The jury comprises top-ranking conductors, composers, artists and managers.

The toughest of challenges, but ideal conditions to compete under – The Mahler Competition has always set great store by that. Even if only one candidate can win, we trust that their time in Bamberg will further all their careers in music.

Making sure that a level contest delivers the best outcome for each candidate – as we see it, that is the true purpose of competitions.

In 2023, the Mahler Competition will take place for the seventh time.

Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel was the winner of our new competition in 2004, and the other, Lahav Shani of Israel, followed nine years later. But also a whole series of other competition and award winners have taken considerable careers from Bamberg and achieved significant positions. All this proves why ‘The Mahler Competition’ was immediately ranked among the most important conductor competitions internationally.

We offer conditions that no other competition can match: participation is free and all travel and subsistence expenses are covered. Our orchestra is available to everyone from the first round to longer than anywhere else - and in full cast!


Bamberger Symphoniker / Bamberg Symphony
Ulrike Kahl
Muss Str. 1
96047 Bamberg

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