Associazione Italiana Attività Musicali

AIAM (Italian Association of Musical Activities) was formed in 1999 by the will of the absolute majority of the members belonging to AIAC (Italian Association of Concert Activities) with the purpose of adding to the representation of concert societies, that of festivals also Jazz, courses, competitions, training bodies, promotion and institutions professionally engaged in the dissemination of musical culture in our country.

AIAM coordinates, represents and protects the development and support of musical activities, as essential manifestations of the cultural and spiritual values of the human person, recognized and guaranteed as fundamental principles, by community, constitutional and local self-government law.

Currently composed of 168 members, distributed in all regions of Italy, AIAM is unanimously recognized as the most representative association of the subjects of Title III of Law 800/1967, and in it coexist large and medium-small musical institutions respectively operating in the main Italian cities and in the nation's underserved areas.

The first AIAM president was Baron Francesco Agnello who was followed in office by Lucio Fumo, Gisella Belgeri and Lucio Fumo again. Since 2014 the association has been led by Francescantonio Pollice.



Associazione Italiana Attività Musicali
Via della Giuliana 32
00195 Roma

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