Budd Trio

Nationality France

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Lorenzo MANQUILLET (France), Louis LEBRETON (France), Victor LODEON (France)

Born in Minh-Tâm Nguyen's class at the CNSMD of Lyon, the Budd Trio brings together three percussionists from very different backgrounds. This young trio is inspired by different musical aesthetics with a repertoire ranging from Baroque to contemporary music, from acoustic to electronic. This openness allows the trio to innovate, always in search of research and creation.

The Budd Trio won a first prize in chamber music at the Léopold Bellan International Competition and a second prize at the International Music Award Vienna in 2021. The Budd Trio won the second prize at the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg in 2022, and also won the audience prize and the prize for the best interpretation of the compulsory piece for the final.


Photos: Hugo Sainte-rose