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How to join

We invite international music competitions to examine membership in the World Federation. We currently have 125 members presenting international, non-commercial competitions of musical performance or composition on a professional level.

If your competition is open to competitors from all nations, takes place on a regular basis, assembles an international jury and pursues artistic and cultural objects on a not-for-profit basis, you may be eligible for membership.

We offer our members a unique worldwide network of colleagues dedicated to identifying the most promising young talents in the world's great musical traditions. The Federation itself is dedicated to maintaining the high standards of its membership. Members share information and insight, provide advice to colleagues seeking guidance or inspiration and meet once a year personally at our General Assembly. In addition to our website, we publish an annual yearbook showcasing all our members.

For more information including membership rate and admission fee, please contact the Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland by email or telephone +41 (0)22 321 36 20.

World Federation of International Music Competitions • 104, rue de Carouge • 1205 Geneva • Switzerland
Tel.: +41 (0) 22 321 36 20 • Email: fmcim(at)fmcim.org
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