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Associate Organisations


Since 1966, the World Federation of International Music Competitions is honoured to be a member of the:

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The World Federation of International Music Competitions has conferred Associate Organisation status upon the following entities:

WFIMC Associate Organisations are non-voting members, admitted by decision of the General Assembly, which contribute to the mission and objectives of the Federation. These organisations, which coordinate the activities of their own members, may take part in Federation activities, including General Assembly meetings, in an advisory capacity.


Partnerships with festivals


The WFIMC offers a partnership to music festivals who are committed to including Laureates of Federation competitions in their programming. 

In order to have the partnership, festivals must agree to pay artists a fee or honorarium for their performances in addition to all travel and accommodation costs. Festivals must also agree to publicize that the artists are Laureates of Federation Competitions.

Three music festivals - two German, in Hitzacker and Leipzig, respectively, and one French in Médoc - have been recognized as partners of the WFIMC.

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