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  Sendai International Music Competition

Sendai International Music Competition

Secretariat of Sendai International Music Competition
Sendai Cultural Foundation
3-27-5, Asahigaoka, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Pref., 981-0904,

SAKAI Hirobumi
Secretary General




+81 22 727 1873

Member since


The 7th Sendai International Music Competition

Disciplines: Piano, Violin

From: 25/05-2019   To: 30/06-2019

Deadline: 14/11-2018

Cash prize:
[1st prize] JPY 3,000,000 (≈USD26,786*)
[2nd prize] JPY 2,000,000 ( ≈USD17,857*)
[3rd prize] JPY 1,000,000 ( ≈USD8,929*)
[4th prize] JPY 800,000 ( ≈USD7,143*)
[5th prize] JPY 700,000 ( ≈USD6,250*)
[6th prize] JPY 600,000 ( ≈USD5,357*)
[Special Jury Prize] JPY 500,000 ( ≈USD4,464*)
[Audience Prize] JPY 50,000 (≈USD446*)
*Calculated based on the exchange rate of 10 Jan. 2018 (USD1=JPY112)

Other prize:
[1st prize] Diploma; Gold Medal;
CD Production; Concerts with the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra or other major orchestras in Japan; Recitals in Japan
[2nd prize] Diploma; Silver Medal
[3rd prize] Diploma; Bronze Medal
[4th prize] Diploma
[5th prize] Diploma
[6th prize] Diploma

Age limit: Born on or after January 1, 1991

Other info:
Travel Expense Grants:
The Secretariat shall provide the grants as follows to Contestants who live outside of Japan to help them pay for round trip transportation to Sendai:
[Asia] JPY50,000 (=USD446*) [Other] JPY100,000 (=USD893*)

Accommodation for Contestants:
If the Contestant uses the accommodation of the Secretariat’s choice from the day of registration until the day specified, the organizers shall pay the accommodation expenses (one single room basic room charge and breakfast) for the Contestant for the duration of his or her stay. All other expenses shall be borne by the Contestant.
* Homestay program operated by the citizen volunteers may also be available for the Contestants not advancing to next Round.


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