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Tips for Musicians in Preparing Applications

Each competition has its own regulations, so each application process will be unique. However, there are a few basic considerations to keep in mind when you are applying to a competition.

  1. The very first step: get all the required materials (brochures, application forms) from the competition (or its website).
  2. Read these materials completely yourself. Don't depend on third-party information. If you need help with the language – get help!
  3. If you have a question or something is unclear, telephone or e-mail the competition and ask for clarification before you fill out and send your materials.
  4. Fill in the forms with clear handwriting. Ask someone to read your e-mail address and your telephone number back to you to make sure that anyone can read them.
  5. If a recording is required, be sure to record exactly what the competition requires (correct works recorded in the correct order at the correct time). Aim for the most professional standard possible. Before you send it, check the CD or DVD on a different computer or player, to make sure that the material is correctly recorded and can be read with any standard player. Label the CD clearly with your name and the works recorded. Pack the disk in a jewel case and bubble wrap to protect it.
  6. If a photograph is required, choose a good-quality portrait (not a snapshot, not a passport photo unless one is specifically requested). Make sure you have the rights to the photograph so that the competition can use it in its materials without paying an additional fee. A high-quality digital photograph (at least 300 dpi, burned on a CD-ROM labelled with your name) with a paper copy is especially welcome.
  7. If letters of recommendation are required, make certain you provide exactly what is requested (usually letters written especially for the competition near the time of application).
  8. Don't send your materials to the competition until you have collected everything that is required. If something must be sent in a separate mailing later, write this information down on a sheet of paper and send that, too. Send your materials in a clearly marked envelope or package. Use a standard postal service and if possible register the materials, so they can be traced if they get lost in transit.
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